Driving School / Driving Instructor

My goal is the lowest failure rate

I am strongly against the discount teaching approach that many driving schools employ, where students are left alone to study theory on a PC. My theory instruction is a combination of whiteboard explanations, extensive dialogue, and multimedia presentations.

You will have the opportunity to work with theory at home on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. My goal is to achieve the lowest failure rate, so you save money and avoid a negative experience by not passing.

My main objective is to make you a safe driver and prepare you beyond the mandatory requirements so that you can avoid all types of accidents and handle any kind of roads and cities, including cities like Copenhagen or Hamburg.

Therefore, my instructional program includes at least 8 extra free lessons that go into more depth than what other driving schools offer (without taking more time).

I offer experience!

In addition to being a Driving Instructor, I have a special qualification from the Police as a "Special Driving Instructor." I have held a driver's license for all categories for over 30 years (many driving instructors only have a driver's license for cars), and I have a long professional career as a driver (bus & truck). I have lived in several countries where driving is on the left-hand side - read newspaper article.

Expect detailed and individualized instruction tailored to your needs. I am known for reaching out to all students, regardless of their academic strengths or if they are not fond of studying. My teaching style is patient and engaging. In addition to serving Grindsted, I am also flexible with driving instruction in Billund, Hejnsvig, Krogager, Vorbasse, Starup, Ansager, Skovlund, Sønder Omme, Filskov, and Agerbæk - see the theory classroom.

You can also refresh your knowledge of traffic rules and test your driving skills with a Motorist Course.