Car Driving License

Instructor for Category B as per the law

Be careful. Unfortunately, there are many driving instructors who offer you a low price, where you might just end up sitting in front of your computer screen, and/or you receive a "STOP" when the mandatory 29 lessons are completed. And there are many driving schools that solely focus on preparing you for passing the theory test.

- But are you then capable of avoiding accidents (have you thought about the fact that insurance companies demand high prices for young people because, unfortunately, they are involved in many accidents - why??? - was there something missing in their education?).

With me, you get extended theory lessons, and my statistics work - my students do not get involved in accidents. I also prepare you for driving in cities, and we often take a trip to Copenhagen if the students desire it.

There is indeed a difference between driving schools - a driver's license is not comparable to the price of milk!

Individual Ability of the Student

However, it is the individual ability of the student that determines how many lessons - in addition to the mandatory minimum number of lessons - the student needs before the practical test can be taken. On this link, you can find information about the mandatory teaching plan for Category B: Teaching Plan. Additionally, you need to attend a course in First Aid Related to Traffic, which we also offer. First Aid Course.

You need a medical certificate and a photo for your final driver's license. I also offer to provide an approved passport photo with the correct dimensions of 35 x 45 mm, which is the requirement for a passport photo. Click on this FB link for more information:

You can also refresh your knowledge of traffic and test your driving skills in a Car Driver Course. Click here. The driving test and theory test are usually conducted in Grindsted, but can also be arranged elsewhere as per your request.

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