Motorcycle Driving License

Training for Category A1, A2, and A

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  • Theoretical Classroom Lessons: In addition to the mandatory instruction and preparation for the theory test, you will receive around 6 lessons of vital knowledge about motorcycle driving. You will receive a complete education on how to survive on a motorcycle, and likely gain more enjoyment from riding. In the classroom, you will not be sitting in front of a computer, but rather receiving instruction from a true motorcycle enthusiast with over 30 years of experience, who is passionate about helping you with all questions related to motorcycles and motorcycle driving.
  • 6 Lessons on the Driving Technique Course: While other driving schools may offer only 5 lessons on a small and uninspiring course, I use Jyllandsringen (a racetrack) to provide you with an additional lesson. I also give you a driving course to perfect essential techniques for cornering and braking at high speeds. This training may be your life insurance, as I focus on preventing the most common motorcycle accidents on this day.
  • On-Road Maneuvers: During this phase, I train you to become a master of cornering and proper braking. My goal is that once you have your motorcycle license, you will ride as skillfully as those who have been riding for many years. This may seem like a lofty ambition, but I have achieved this with my students, all of whom are 100% satisfied.

Conclusion: Obtaining a motorcycle driving license may be easy, but not many places truly teach you how to ride a motorcycle and equip you with the necessary tools to stay safe. This driving school does! Your safety comes first. Read more here.

I provide extensive training in handling dangerous situations on the road, and I provide explanations so that you survive. Get a preview of film clips here to see how.

For a lot of useful information about motorcycle driving, visit the Council for Safe Traffic. I recommend that all motorcycle riders take a course on safe reactions in critical situations every other year: Learn more at or

For good order, please note that your own accident insurance applies to any personal injuries that occur during the driving school. You can review what we are legally required to teach on the Curriculum for Category A1, A2, and A.

Here you can read about age requirements and sizes for categories: A1-A2-A. If the motorcycle license is your first driving license, you will also need to take a course in First Aid, which we also offer.

You need a medical certificate and a photo for your final driving license. I also offer to provide an approved passport photo with the correct dimensions of 35 x 45 mm, which is the requirement for a passport photo. Click this FB link to get

In the event of damage to equipment, the driving school covers the first DKK 100. If the damage exceeds DKK 100, the student is responsible for the amount from DKK 100 up to DKK 4,999.

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